There's something with "itsmorefuninthephilippines" Department of Tourism (DOT) slogan that I was moved to create a blog primarily about the Philippines.   Sort of our little way of promoting and inviting tourist to visit and explore the Philippines.

At start, we intended to blog only about the Philippines so our main tagline then was "around the Philippines".  But then, there are more of other countries that we wish to impart and that Filipinos would adapt particularly on the preservation of culture, environment and heritage.  That's where we slowly included our experiences of our foreign travels.  Though we've visited quite a few yet, we look forward to stepping to more countries knowing more culture, meet more people and have more friends.

At times where budget and schedule is not a constraint, we tag along our 3 girls. They too have developed the love for travel.  Their first airplane ride was an out-of-country trip and now they're already looking forward to their next adventure.

By the way, we are Jho & Luis and hiking is the hobby that we most enjoyed together, which explains why this is mountainsnbeyond.  Whenever possible, we do short hikes on weekends and also mountains and waterfalls are always part of our travel itinerary; they make our travel fulfilling.

For now, we aspire to visit all the 80 provinces of the Philippines.  As of June of 2015, we still have more than 20 provinces to explore.  We hope to cross all the list before I turn 40ish :)



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Lastly, we are open for sponsorship and advertisement, feel free to drop a note at mountainsnbeyond@gmail.com.

Thank you and see you around :)

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  1. Good post. I am reading some now.

    Jeffrey Yeo at Las pinas

  2. anong bundok po ung nasa cover page ninyo..

    we are planning to go to hulgan and aliw waterfalls this saturday...

    thanks for the info..

    1. enjoy your upcoming hulugan and aliw falls adventure :)

      the picture above is taken at mt pulag courtesy of a dear friend who took the shot from above :)

      thanks for dropping by...

  3. how much if we tour in lake sebu for half day? we will arrive at general santos city bus terminal around 1PM on Feb 15, 2019.


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