Sailing Back Home

More than a decade has passed and I haven’t returned to the island I was hailed.  Yes, I was raised in a small town, an island though part of Bicol is situated in the Visayan region.  The longer I am away, the more yearning to revisit my once abode, my bliss.  I am now a stranger to the place I knew so well.  Deep inside, fearful if I still belong to the town life used to revolve.  Since mum passed away, the feeling of an outcast filled in.  I have wandered around looking for “home” but truly, “there’s no place like home”.  My heart wishes for my first home; where memories were still vivid and has held a special site. 

Back at home, a trip to the shoreline is a daily routine; usually to scout for food or simply to gather news.  Among the regular scene were kids brawling for the spilled fish from the net, women cleaning or drying sea foods, men bargaining for the catch, but the looks of frustration on unlucky days are sometimes inevitable.

I can perfectly recall the abundance of sea urchins that can be harvested ashore.  For reasons unknown, I dislike the taste but were mum’s fave.  Other than the uni, picking sea shells is a low tide hobby.  And there are more of the seashore that I so love about.

Fiestas, like in the other provinces, is a precious and most prepared event.  Being the only island barangay in our municipality, our humble town is one of the fiesta patrons highly graced.  People in the town would happily share their feast to whoever guest that comes in.  As an island, the pluvial parade is the most awaited ceremony.  It is the pride of the town and the fete is not complete without joining it.

What I love back home the most is the joys of the seas. The water is everywhere and seemed limitless.  Shorelines were not even called “beach”, it was simply referred as the seashore.  Also, one can freely dive or plunge anytime he desires; there seems to be no rules, not even safety issues.

Life was simple then… electricity was not even needed. On clear night skies, our father would take us to the shore; stargazing was our pastime and our fascination with constellations exists until this days. Orion, Pegasus, the Zodiacs and the countless wishes on shooting stars, we're like playmates then.  Of course we had real friends and had played physical games.  We've had various fun in the banca and even as young kids, we've paddled like a pro. 

We had our share of unfortunate events as we've braced several typhoons, braved gigantic waves, sailed through storms and survived sea accidents.  The most important lesson the islander girl me has cherished is knowing that all trials will pass, no matter how hard.  Faith, trust and courage has been the key and we've made it through the years.

Someday soon, I’ll find my sail home. Old memories will once more come to life and new memories will be formed.  Until then, I’ll keep reminiscing, I’ll keep hoping…

P.S.  All pictures were courtesy of my niece Leah.

This is my entry to the Pinoy Travel Bloggers’ Blog Carnival
for November 2016 with the theme 
“Stories from My Hometown” 

hosted by Celine Reyes of Celineism


  1. Jho, I don't know, but this made me a bit sad. Perhaps because your story echoes mine. I am from Bicol, by virtue of my Mama who, like yours, had also passed away. But Sorsogon, to me feels like home, more than ever, maybe because it reminds me so much of my Mama. And that these days all I wanted is to be reminded of her. I hope you find the time and the courage to sail home and make new memories. But nevertheless, home is wherever the heart is. :)

    Thank you for joining the Blog Carnival! :)

    1. hi Celine, i actually had a hard time pulling this off... this has been hidden deep inside for quite some time and finally had this chance to let it fly.

      yes, hope someday i'll find my sail home :)
      i'm a born sailor by the way.. hahaha.


  2. I hope one day you sail back home, even for a visit. :) No feeling like returning to your roots.

    1. thanks Claire...

      yup, hope this will come true soon :)


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