NORTHERN MINDANAO TRIP [Ozamiz City – Marawi City – Iligan City – Camiguin – Bukidnon – Cagayan De Oro City]

This is our version of a short amazing race covering all of the 6 provinces of Northern Mindanao in a 4-day stretch…  We wanted to spend more time appreciating the culture, the people, but so little time.

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Day 1 [morning] – Ozamiz City
·   Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral
·   Fuerte dela Concepcion Y del Triunfo or the Cotta
·   Museo

Day 1 [afternoon] – Marawi City
·   Mindanao State University
·   Aga Khan Museum
·   King Faisal Mosque

Day 1 [afternoon] – Iligan City
·   St. Michael’s Cathedral

Day 2 [morning] – Iligan City
·   Tinago Falls
·   Mimabalot Falls
·   Maria Cristina Falls
·   Botanical and Zoological Gardens

Day 2 [afternoon] – traveled to Camiguin

Day 3 [morning] – Camiguin
·   Mt. Hibok-hibok Day Hike
·   Katibawasan Falls
·   San Nicolas de San Antonio Church
·   Taguines Lagoon

Day 3 [afternoon] – traveled to Cagayan de Oro
·   Divisoria Park Night Market

Day 4 [morning] – Bukidnon
·   Camp Philipps
·   Dahilayan Adventure Park

Day 5 [afternoon] – Cagayan de Oro City
·   Cagayan de Oro City Hall
·   Gaston Park
·   St. Augustine Metropolitan Cathedral
·   General Douglas MacArthur Monument

Travel Date: February 2015


  1. wow, amazing race indeed! tindi ng it...

    1. yep, we missed many spots pa.. would love to sit for a while and just relax and enjoy the view.. maybe next time :)

  2. It's a rare post to read about a traveler visiting Marawi. It's not always dangerous as oppose to people's percption who haven't been i the area

    The Sightseer Pinay

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Holy places for some memorable trip, loved the architecture of buildings.
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