Snow Slide at Suwon Worldcup Stadium

We planned to rise early to make most of the day but the weather and the time difference took a sluggish shot.  Their belief that the male are the kings and should therefore not do household chores or even assist to the kids needs was a major drawback.  Even if I so wanted to contest, I refrained, it's harder to be blamed later for a misfortune you never prayed.  So aside from being a maid to the three kids, I had a king to serve as well. Huh!

We had no idea of what’s in store for the day; we just followed the kings… To our surprise, we entered the parking area of Suwon Worldcup Stadium.  We thought for awhile that we will be watching a football game until we were directed to a snow park.

Wish granted… a feel of the snow.

As soon as the kiddos saw the white shelf of snow, they were on the ground; amazed, surprised…

Then there goes the tube slide.  Hubby and I watched the kids as they paddled their way up to the makeshift hill hauling behind a big tube.  Guess who dared first, my youngest… Yes, she did it alone…

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As the youngest made her way up for her next try, her sisters were on their way down…

They had the slide all by themselves as there were no other visitors that time.  Oh! I cannot express how happy they were.  No grumble even they fell and stumbled several times and had to carry the tubes by themselves.

We all had fun in the slide; even my nephew of two years old had about four glides.

As the other visitors slowly filled the slide, kiddos and hubby shifted to other games.  They had snow fights, drag games and made snowballs.

It was a dream seeing my kiddos playing in the snow.  Their merry faces are something I cannot trade for anything else.  This trip was all worth it.

As our timeslot was nearing end, my youngest expression turned cheerless.  I know she wanted to stay longer… If only we could…

To console the kids, we had ice cream, puffs, barbecue and more before we left the park.

I told them that instead of being gloomy; cheer up for there’s always next time.  Keep looking into it instead.

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