The Year That Was.... 2013

2013 for us was a year of great adventures and escapes with 25 Philippine provinces visited/revisited, chased 20 waterfalls, had 13 hikes including the Mt. Kinabalu climb, relaxed in 7 beaches/resorts, and an exceptional Kota Kinabalu-Brunei trip. 

Year 2013 reminded me that….
Truly, no matter how much we prepare, we can never know what will happen... we can only speculate and hope for the best.. life is full of surprises... just sail the tides and enjoy every moment

But still, my 13 for 2013 best cherished escapades were:   



A day at the royal country of Brunei









Survived a frosty Mt. Pulag climb without hubby

And finally, despite several December futile plans, a year-ender family trip at Club Punta Fuego

 To year 2014, no plans for now, but looking forward to making things happen.


  1. Wow! Ang gandang recount naman ng 2013 mo, Jho. :) Here's to more travels in and out of the Philippines.. and of course, here's to more mountains for you to climb this 2014! :)

    1. same to you... more travels for year 2014 and beyond :)


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