After the Rizal National Park tour, our last habalhabal tour destination was Dakak Beach Resort.  Time check then was 345pm and we reached Dakak 15minutes thereafter. 

Before we proceeded to the resort, our driver/guide toured us first to Dakak pier.  Though the roofing of the pier walkway had long flown out, the remnant of a burnt boat lay still.  At the pier, we were lucky to see the grand locally made yacht-type boat that is said to bring Dakak’s guests to Aliguay Island.

At the resort entrance, we were offered either a day tour or a night tour pass.  It was past 4pm already but should we enter at that time, the P500/head day fee still applies of which will end at 6pm.  P500 for us is not worthy for less than 2 hours tour so we opted for the cheaper P250 night tour.

While waiting for 6 o’clock to arrive, our driver/guide offered to trek the concrete steps for an overlooking view of the beach and the nearby bay.  With no delay, we made our way to the top or the repeater station of the resort.  Panting and wobbly from the 15-minute stairway march, the top welcomed us with awe.  On our left is a bay with the well-manicured “Lawigan Island“ and Dakak Pier while to our right is the Dakak resort itself.

5 o’clock came with a drizzle so we hurried our way down.  With the rain, we decided to forego the Dakak night tour and with heavy heart, we returned to Villa Pillar, our accommodation for the night.  Two things escaped my Dapitan checklist, the Dakak Resort tour and the sunset view of Dapitan.

To lighten my frustrations, I engrossed myself with chips and pretended to like the TV show while hubby was busy asking directions for tomorrow’s trip.  Suddenly he came in shouting for sunset… I panicked at once and the last shades of the horizon made up my day.

With the rain gone, we continued our Dapitan stroll by the Sunset Boulevard.  We entered Gloria de Dapitan, a commercial center and the newest attraction of the City.  It has a Fantasyland, arcades, bars and restos, a mall under construction and other entertainment/recreation facilities.  We checked the food area but hubby found no good choice.  We just wandered around and watched a group rehearsing at the stage.

For our dinner we tried our driver/guide earlier recommendation – Erlinda’s Food house. We had bam-i pansit and sizzling fish all for P292 pesos.  There are so much more for Dapitan’s night life but with the long day ahead, we called it off early… Until next time.



Travel Date: August 2013


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