It has been customary that pasalubong and souvenirs are among the “must bring” back home stuffs from travel whether local or abroad.  For food, I believe all regions in the Philippines have its own speciality or delicacies like the piaya for Bacolod, danggit and dried mango for Cebu, pastel for Camiguin, buko pie for Laguna, chichacorn for Ilocos and a lot more to mention.  We too had this foodstuff as pasalubong for our kiddos, family and friends.

For souvenir, I personally favor ref magnets but we had a few tees to share especially activity shirts of the climbs with exceptional memoir.

When on the road or trail, my visions are easily held captive by the sight of trees and flowers but in most cases, pictures are my only keepsake as shared in my blogs:
Exceptionally for the crimson and pine trees of Naejansang mountain, I brought some leaves home for keeps.

And whenever possible, I ask/buy a few to breed at home or grow it from seed which is totally another level of bringing keepsakes to life.  To date, my collection includes bonsai plants from Tanay and Laguna, wild plants from Pico de Loro DENR, dapo-dapo from Bunga Falls and Pagsanjan Falls jump-off/registration area, now a 10-foot rambutan and lansones trees grown from the seeds of Siniloan in Laguna and the newest addition are the sprouting mangosteen and marang seedlings all the way from the fruits I ate at Alamada, North Cotabato.

I thought the abaca handbag from Cebu or the free stuff from Visit Seoul 2010 or the vase/pot of Vietnam or the tumbler from Angel’s Coffee of Seoul are the treasured mementoes that overjoyed me.


But the recently concluded Lake Sebu trip with t'nalak from Lang Dulay Center whisked behind all other travel loots so far…

Until next looting..

This post is my entry to Pinoy Travel Bloggers' Blog Carnival 
for the month of July 2013 with a 
Theme "Memorable Travel Souvenirs, Objects and Mementos" and hosted by Jun Baris of galangpusa. 

For a complete list of the past Carnivals refer to Estan Cabigas' list here.


  1. I got soooo much junk -- I mean, souvenirs too! Haha. They're like, all in boxes. Since we're pretty much 'homeless', there's nowhere we could display them!

    1. my previous bosses are ex-UN employs/envoys or volunteers and been to many places around the globe... she recounts that they were 'homeless' for decades and their stuff were on a storage facility... now they're in PH for their retirement and business as well. their beautiful collections are carefully displayed all over their house and each piece has a story to tell.

      for sure... you're collections will have its place someday :)

  2. Napakainteresting ng travel keepsakes mo Jho, especially yung leaves, yung mga halaman na pinapatubo mo, at yung T'nalak! :) Balak ko actually gumamit ng T'nalak para sa isang future endeavor. Paano ba bibisita Lang Dulay Center? Magkano per meter? :)

    1. hi, thanks for dropping by :)
      my garden is still makalat and far from the finish-look that i imagine... medyo gubat na yung 40 sqm lot sa front ng house.. 2 indian mango, 1 guava, 1 lansones, 1 jackfruit & 1 rambutan... i have longgan seedlings na nilagay sa kapitbahay and most likely the marang and mangosteen ehh sa neighbor na din.. hehe..

      Lang Dulay is located at Lake Sebu in South Cotabato. you can fly in either through Davao or Gen San... habal-habal is the best way around Lake Sebu...

      more of Lake Sebu info here:

      thanks again :)

  3. nakapa-overwhelming ng souvenirs mo.
    hi, im blog hopping. Ü

    1. hi, thanks for dropping by and for appreciating the keeps :)

  4. I love plants as souvenirs and attempted to bring some from travels. But there are just some hassles that comes with it when taking flights so I have a few from roadtrips! Keep on collecting travel keeps!!!

    1. sure will keep on collecting but i always ensure that at climb, i take nothing but pictures :)

  5. .. beautiful souvenir !! especially t-shirts!

  6. Awesome! I seriously don't have a green thumb so as much as you're idea is unique and really cool... I doubt it'd work for me. :( Keep it up! :D

  7. Love your ref magnets! Ref magnets are also pretty much the only souvenirs I bring home when we travel. I like how artistic and lightweight they are, not to mention, economical!

    Great header by the way. What mountain is that? :)

    1. ohhh.. thanks for dropping my..

      the header picture was taken at mt. pulag :)


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