It was already 9am when I managed to connect online and my first agenda was to do a web check-in to ensure our confirmation for the 1:15pm Gen San flight.  Even if we checked-in already, hubby insisted on getting to the airport before 1230pm - fearful of “just in case” events.  At the airport, another challenge was the search for the parking slot.  We did several rounds but we failed to get one.  Until the parking boys offered “tulak-tulak” (roll the car as needed), ours is a van, but to our desperation, we said yes…

25mins before departure time we reached the boarding gate and to my dismay, it looked like holidays at a bus terminal filled with people waiting for a trip.  Three to five trips were assigned per gate and obviously the ventilation was not enough.  We learned that most of the flights, even international trips, were delayed because of air traffic issues.  Whew, ours was moved to 3pm and we had no other choice but to hold and wait.  I was worried because we're certainly late for the Lake Sebu last trip, our supposed stop for the 1st night… Hungry, agitated and all, I followed hubby out of the boarding area for some air and for a lunch.

socsargen map, region 12 map, soccsksargen map, map of socsarge, gensan to lake sebu, general santos to koronadal, gensan to koronadal, gensan to marbel, how to go to lake sebu, koronadal to lake sebu3pm gone by and no sight of progress until finally we were called for boarding at 330pm.  We landed at GenSan at 5:35pm and over taxi, we chose the habal-habal to escape the city traffic, also to catch the 7pm last trip at Bulaong Terminal bound for Koronadal City.  Thanks to Grasya for referring Maria of Sikat Learning & Training Center who assisted us of our GenSan-Koronadal whereabouts.

At Koronadal City, we stayed at Tajmia Economy Suites while we dined at an ihaw-ihaw by the roadside of Gen San Drive.  The aroma of the grilled tuna from Gensan City haven't left our senses but with time constraint, this ihaw-ihaw will live for now.

Despite the earlier bedlam, we coped up with our schedule by tweaking our SOCCSKSARGEN itinerary as needed.
Afternoon of Day 1: Arrived at Gensan then proceeded to Koronadal City
Morning of Day 2: Traveled to and around Lake Sebu [6 hours]
Afternoon of Day 2: Traveled from Lake Sebu to Midsayap [6 hours]
Morning of Day 3: Traveled from Midsayap to Alamada [3 hours]
Afternoon of Day 3: To Asik-Asik Falls
Morning of Day 4: Traveled from Alamada to and around Cotabato City [3 hours]
Afternoon of Day 4: Traveled back to Manila

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Actual expenses excluding airfare:
Habal-habal ride at Gensan = P150 [2 persons]
Bus from Gensan to Koronadal = P83 per head
Hotel at Koronadal = P750 [2 persons]
Dinner at Koronadal = P150 [2 persons]
Van from Koronadal to Lake Sebu = P55 per head
Habal-habal ride at Lake Sebu = P300 [2 persons]
Breakfast at Punta Isla = P195 [3 persons]
Zipline ride = P250 per head
Zipline pictures (optional) = P200 [2 persons]
Travel from Lake Sebu to Midsayap = P275 per head
Hotel at Midsayap = P900 [2 persons]
Dinner at Midsayap = P250 [2 persons]
Jeep from Midsayap to Alamada = P60 per head
Habal-habal ride at Alamada = P300 [2 persons]
Asik-asik Falls entrance fee = P30 per head
Accommodation and meals at Alamada = free J courtesy of our friend
Jeep from Alamada to Midsayap = P60 per head
Van from Midsayap to Cotabato City = P60 per head
Habal-habal to Grand Mosque = P140 per head [two-way]
Lunch at Cotabato City = P75 per head
Jeep/trike to airport = P30 per head 

Travel Date: June 2013


  1. oh wow! I will be on a Surigao-Davao-Socsargen trip this November. I still don't have the concrete plan but im looking at Kidapawan - LAKE SEBU – MIDSAYAP – ALAMADA. Bookmarking your blog for posible travel guide in LAKE SEBU – MIDSAYAP – ALAMADA. ;)

    1. thanks for droppin' by..
      will post the rest of the stories soon.
      good luck in your trip :)


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