I was hesitant at first to blog about my foreign travels because I created this blog primarily to share our adventures as well as to help promote the beauty of THE PHILIPPINES... but after contemplating, here I am finally tipping my keys recounting my/our foreign escapades.

Vietnam was my first out-of-country experience and thanks to Cebu Pacific for offering promo fares.  The anxiety of being far from home worried of what might happen here and there were things that kept me jittering.  All the time, I kept praying for the Lord’s guidance and protection for myself and for my 3 kiddos and family that are all hoping for my safe return.

Well, for this trip being a first timer, I left all the researches and arrangements to my companions and I just went with the flow.  First lessons before boarding the plane as follows:  (a) pay travel tax of P1620, (b) terminal fee of P750; (c) fill-up departure card for the declaration of your travel details – where to stay, purpose of travel, duration, etc – to be surrendered to the PH immigration; then (d) go by the local immigration and pass their queries, if any.

While on board, I learnt that several documents are to be filled-up for declaration to the country you’re visiting.  So another lesson was to carry a pen.  Then upon arrival, we went through the immigration again for passport stamping, a sign that you were permitted to enter their country.

ho chi minh trip, vietnam trip

We were able to enter Vietnam hassle free and it was 2am already when we left the airport. Along the way, though partly lit, I noticed the clean orderly surroundings and no sign of smoke from the vehicles.  Can’t help this early to compare and wish for the same back home.

We stayed at Saigon’s Sports 1 Hotel at USD30 per night with free buffet breakfast for two.  The room can actually accommodate three persons but you need to pay extra USD3 for the buffet.  The narrow lot/floor area was something noticeable of Saigon as most of establishments around occupies an average of 75-100sqms.  For best rates, check this link.

Another uniquely famous about Vietnam is their coffee.  According to some, it’s far beyond the Starbucks taste... Hmmm.... as a coffee addict, I was longing for the morning already to savor Vietnam’s coffee....

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Travel Date: October 2010


  1. Vietnam is an attractive tourist destination.I think there are still many places in Vietnam, you should explore.Special Vietnamese cuisine are also very popular and you should try once.Hope to see you one day in Vietnam.
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    1. thanks for reading my blog.. yep i believe there are plenty of areas to visit in Vietnam.. i wanna try crossing hanoi-ho chi minh, also, vietnam-cambodia-thailand...

      hope to see you too :)

  2. Planning to write about the war remnants museum when I write about Vietnam. There's so much that people need to know about the effects of war. Thanks for this post! Makes me want to go back to Vietnam! :)

    1. yup.. wanna go back and i'm actually planning a thailand-cambodia-vietnam trip.. hope it will prosper within the year :)

      happy travelling.

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  4. Great post man. If you have one more day, you should visit Vung Tau, it's one of the best beach in South Vietnam

  5. Nice post on Ho Chi Minh. :) By the way, the link for "DAY 1 - AROUND HO CHI MINH CITY (PART II)" is broken... it should be part-ii instead of part-iii :)

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  9. Vietnam was sooo hot and very beautiful although we only got to see a small part of the country. We will absolutely have to go back there again one day to explore further. Over the next week or so I hope to write up another few posts covering our exciting travels to date.

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