MT. DAGULDUL - San Juan, Batangas

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We left the Metro at around 5am and arrived at Brgy. Hugom San Juan, Batangas at 7:30am.  After registration and guide arrangement, we had a quick breakfast before proceeding to Sitio Catmon jump-off.  Mt. Daguldul's previous jump-off was the registration area and trekking starts through the beach front leading to the jump-off.  Thanks to the recent road development, Sitio Catmon is already accessible by vehicle via a 20 minute rough ride.

Because this was a day hike climb, I thought the summit is just around 2-hours trek.  Some of us climbed the mountain more than a decade ago and memories of the trail already eluded our thoughts.  So when the guide told us that trek is about 4 hours (and for us, it might take longer with a child on the team), we glared at each other with a query look of “are we going to proceed?”.  Well, majority said we’re already here so we better get moving...

So at 9am we started the Catmon trail and reached the 1st resting point in 15 minutes.  With our pacing and with no heavy load, we believed we will reach the summit in 3 hours... After 45 minutes of trekking is the Mangahan area where our guide resides.  It was here that our child companion decided not to pursue the climb... He was joined by two other at the Manggahan area.

Five of us continued the assault and to hit the 3-hour target, we trekked on a leg-wrecking continuous pace with very short stops in between.  The time check was 11:50am when we reached the famous “couple-tree” landmark.  Alas! We beat the 3-hour mark and with the gruelling heat of the sun, exhausted bodies and grumbling tummies, we stayed at this landmark and foregone the summit...  I just told myself that this is it for now and there is always a next time....

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After nearly an hour of savoring the wind and enjoying the view of San Juan shoreline and Mt. Labo scenery, we commenced descent and were literally leaping on the trail to reach the Manggahan area quickly for our late lunch.  

We arrived at the jump-off at 3pm; others had a short swim and some had socials while I opted to pick pretty stones for my garden.  At 5:15pm, we hit the road again for our safe ride home...

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Additional information:
According to our guide, the mountain was named “daguldul” (meaning thunder or lightning for others) because according to folks, they often saw/hear thunder/lighting from this mountain.

Water source is available at the niyugan campsite but make sure to carry enough trail water for your ascend.

Travel Date: August 2012

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