BORACAY, the Philippines pride as one of the best beaches and vacation destination in the world, is known for its powdery sand, beautiful beach and sunset, wide array of hotels and world class cuisine, great hospitality, and more...

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True enough, you’ll never get out of doings at Boracay as it boost a complete line of rest and recreation activities - from simply beach bumming, swimming, sunbathing to kayaking, parasailing, diving, snorkelling, yacht cruising, jet skiing, island hopping to even shopping, food tripping, carting, off road driving, spelunking, hiking and lots more... Boracay truly deserves as one of the best vacation haven for both opulent and budget-people alike.

We arrived at Boracay on a Friday night and stayed at Bans Beach Resort of Station 1, just beside Bamboo Lounge Restaurant and Astoria Hotel.  With not enough time left for the day, we just settled in and devoured our evening at The Sand Bar Boracay – known as the fire dance capital of the island.

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On the next day, we strolled along the shoreline of Boracay from Station 1 to the famous Willy's Rock to Fridays then to Diniwid Beach that houses the Nami Resort Boracay.  The atmosphere at Diniwid is the exact opposite of the 3 stations – less crowd, no loud music -- sort of a secluded paradise. The perfect area for vacationers that seek total rest and relaxation, privacy and tranquility.  On our way back to Station 1, we passed by Fairways and Bluewater Club, Butterfly Garden and the mini-zoo.

Willy's Rock Boracay, Boracay Sand, Boracay beachfront, Boracay shoreline

Fridays Boracay

Diniwid Beach Boracay, Nami Resorts Boracay, peaceful area Boracay

Diniwid Beach Boracay, Nami Resorts Boracay, peaceful area Boracay 

After the Diniwid visit, our host friend (thanks to her for making everything happen) lend us a motorcycle for our tour around the island.  We were happy that we were able to wander almost the whole of Boracay in less than 3 hours.
  1. Puka Beach fronting Carabao Island of Romblon
  2. Almost, the Bat Cave and Crystal Cave – but the road was under construction
  3. Mt. Luho View Deck
  4. Bulabog Beach where most of the water sports activities are situated
  5. Lagutan Beach
  6. Tambisaan Beach – best for diving and snorkelling activities
  7. Manoc Manoc Beach
  8. D’ Mall – the shopping capital of Boracay

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Boracay View at Mt. Luho Viewdeck
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After our island tour, we had our late lunch served with lotus rice, orange chicken and pansit kanton courtesy of the Bamboo Lounge, the only Chinese restaurant in Boracay that serves lotus rice.   

lotus rice in Boracay, best Boracay restaurant, Boracay chinese restaurant, Bamboo lounge Boracay

The filled tummies was sleep inviting but capturing Boracay's sunset is one of my main agenda.  So to deviate temptation, we strolled again the shoreline but this time to the opposite side -- to Station 3.  Everybody was busy on their own -- from kids building sandcastles, guests reading books while sunbathing, kids on beach boarding, and so on.  It was as we walk that I captured the view of yachts before the sun started to set.  Then as the sun sets, the horizon magnificently changed from one color to another. Simply Boracay, simply amazing!

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relaxing at Boracay, Boracay Beach, Boracay view, Boracay shoreline

Boracay Beach, Boracay view, Boracay shoreline, Boracay sandbar

sunset at Boracay, Boracay island, Boracay sunset
sunset at Boracay, Boracay island, Boracay sunset

We concluded our last night at Boracay with another chill at The Sand Bar.  Thank you again dear friend for this unforgettable experience.

On our last day, we did a quick souvenir shopping at D’mall, experienced Jonah’s refreshment and had a final shot of Boracay’s Grotto landmark -- then back to Kalibo for our trip back home.

FYI on the following Boracay-related costs that you cannot get away with:
Van from Kalibo to Caticlan with ferry ride to Boracay Island       = P250
Terminal fee (Caticlan to Boracay)                                              = P100
Boracay Environment fee                                                           = P75
Tricycle from Boracay port to your hotel                                     = P125
Terminal fee (Boracay to Caticlan)                                              = P100
Ferry ride from Boracay to Caticlan                                            = P25
Van from Caticlan to Kalibo Airport                                            = P175 or
Bus from Caticlan to Kalibo proper                                            = P107
Tricycle from Kalibo proper to airport                                         = P50 per tricycle


Travel Date: July 2012


  1. That was one tiring but enjoying Boracay Experience. It would be costly to go there but it was indeed worth it. :D

  2. What a great experience to wander the whole island and visit its famous spots. Never tried to do that, and it is something I will definitely do. :)

  3. I was there in May, 2010 and it was great. We stayed at A-Rock and had $6 buffet dinners on the beach each night.


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