TUDAYA FALLS -- Sta. Cruz, Davao Del Sur

During our Mt. Apo climb, we passed through an on-going construction of a hydropower plant at Sibulan river... Curious about what's at stake, we inquired with the guide about where the water would be coming from.  We were informed that a beautiful waterfall will be sacrificed with the development of a hydropower plant.  Upon hearing the word "sacrificed", we knew right then that time is of essence, that this trip could be our first and only chance to be mesmerized by Tudaya's beauty.  With that, we decided to take a glimpse of the said wonder before it losses its reign as Mt. Apo's highest waterfall.

Tudaya Falls is located near Mount Apo and is accessible by about an hour trek from the Tudaya main road.  Tudaya Falls towers an estimated height of about 150 meters and is regarded as the tallest waterfalls in Mt. Apo National Park and one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the country. 

For more articles about the Tudaya Falls, visit Davao Today website.

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Travel Date: June 2010 


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