Mt. Pinatubo TWIN FALLS -- Porac, Pampanga

After almost 9 hours of what seemed to be an unending lahar trek during our Mt. Pinatubo delta 5 climb, we reached a cascading waterfalls.  The base is a mini pond with a mini falls and as we ascended, another mini-falls.  Then finally the upper tier is the beautiful main waterfalls. Looking at this different panorama has brought relief and merits of the trek that we did.  It also inspired us to endure the challenges ahead and to haunt for more.  This sight also gave courage that the summit trek the next day awaits another beauty and wonder.

 I cannot search online the name of the said waterfalls so I called it Mt. Pinatubo Twin Falls.

Pinatubo Twin Falls Porac, Pampanga, PINATUBO WATERFALLSPinatubo Twin Falls Porac, Pampanga, PINATUBO WATERFALLS

The view coupled with the cleanliness and tranquility of the place was really a WOW...  Truly unspoiled, truly an Eden hidden beneath the walls of Pinatubo.
Pinatubo Twin Falls Porac, Pampanga, PINATUBO WATERFALLS

Travel Date: June 2005


  1. how can i go there ? the twin falls ? pls i need answer thanks

  2. Replies
    1. hi, the twin falls is accessible via delta5 trail at porac pampanga...

      the latest account of the delta 5 explo is narrated in this blog

      Contact Information

      Contact Angelenos Mountaineering Society (Rommel Canlas). They are reachable thru facebook. They’ll give you details on how to acquire permits and stuff like that. Or you may want to wait for an organized tour by Adventurista Camping Trip by Jovit Balinoyos. He is also reachable thru facebook aka Maximus Jovi.

      hope this helps.
      thanks for dropping by.


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