MANABU PEAK -- Sto. Tomas, Batangas

MANABU PEAK (Day Hike Climb)
Sto. Tomas, Batangas
Jump-off point: Sulok, Brgy. Sta Cruz, Sto. Tomas

Mataas na Bundok or “Manabu” is located beside Mt. Malipunyo of Sto. Tomas Batangas.  At Lipa City and if coming from Manila -- turn left beside the Floral Garden Cemetery, you will pass by Fiesta World Mall, Malarayat Golf and Country and several subdivisions along the way.  Then if you are bound for Manabu, turn left and you will reach Brgy. Sta. Cruz while if you’re bound for Malipunyo, turn right for Brgy. Talisay.

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Mt. Manabu Cross Marker

This was another “motorcycle road trip” and our destination for the week is Manabu Peak.  We left the Metro before 8am and after a 3-hours drive we entered Batangas.  We had a brunch at Lipa first before we headed for the jump-off.

The registration of Manabu is at the very jump-off of the mountain.  The trail is guided by station markers and just like Mt. Batulao, it has two trails.  The shorter more challenging right-directed trail is more often used by the mountaineers.

Just like our Mt. Batulao climb we navigated both trails.  Grotto, the gradual trail for the ascend and the short-steeper trail for our descend.  We started the trek at 11:45am and by 1:15pm we reached the peak or the cross markerAt this viewpoint, we saw Mt. Maculot and Laguna de Bay in the horizon. 

The camps are located below the cross and ascending by the other trail will bring you first to the campsite.  

Mt. Manabu Cross Marker, mt manabu trail, sto tomas mountain, mt manabu sto. tomas, kopi luwak mt manabu, mt manabu itinerary

On our way down the shorter trail, I saw big ropes positioned as guylines.  I can imagine how slippery and muddy the trail can be on rainy days. We stopped at Station 5 - Mang Tino’s dampa, for a break of P10 buko and free kapeng barako.  I was offered a Batangas kopi luwak  for just P100 per pack which can make up to 5 liters.  I grabbed this rare opportunity with the laughs of Morgan Freeman from "The Bucket List" movie playing in my head.  Wow! I can’t wait to savor “kopi luwak” brewed my way.

kopi luwak at Manabu

We also got to discuss local issues like “kaingin”, livelihood, and others...  According to Mang Tino, Manabu was also a barren mountain during the time of his grandparents.  The government then awarded the land to its rightful tenants with certain conditions.  Among those is the permit requirement before cutting any tree and “if you cut one, you need to replace it with 10 more trees".  Even cutting for personal use entails going through the said process.  Since this were awarded lands, for them to continue the benefit of usufuct, regular tax payment is required. The reforested Manabu now was a testament of a great outcome when people practice the “law of the land”.

By 3pm, we're back at the jump-off and after a short rest, we hit the road again.  It was another fulfilled day and looking forward to our next trip.

Mt. Malipunyo – Manabu Traverse [Lipa/Sto. Tomas]

Travel Date: June 2012
Batangas Hiking Spots:


  1. Nice blog! Would you know if there is available parking?

    1. hi, thanks for dropping by.. yes, parking area is available at the jump-off...

  2. Hi, There,Im ERIC i'm also a Mountaineer but it was a couple of year since my last trek,we were there bafore in MT.Manabu and it was one of our Favorite peak,
    the last time we went there,it have tall grass-talahibs and many garbage on the peak and camping area,which block the nice view from camping grounds and its quite mosquito infested.would you have any idea if it regain the old and clean peak or campsite?some of my friends are planning to climb there next month.any information will be greatly appreciated.thanks.

    1. hi, i believe there are times when the grass would grow so high.. enough to block your view. with regards to insects - i suggest you bring a repellant all the time.. we can never can tell.


  3. Manabu Peak is indeed a great introduction climb for beginners. This was the fist climb of our little girl. :D


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