BUNGA FALLS -- Nagcarlan, Laguna

During our Mt. Kalisungan climb, we came to know Bunga Falls by accident.  The other group of climbers that we overtook during the descent asked us if we know where and how to go to Bunga Falls.  Ooopsss... a falls is nearby!  Being a first timer at Mt. Kalisungan, we were not aware that a side trip to a waterfalls is possible.  So we inquired with the team about the falls and were happy to learn that its just a short drive from the jump-off...  A short drive --- ahem... it means a “must go” for us...

In short, we descended ahead of the team to add Bunga Falls in our “should” have been “day hike” itinerary.  As soon as we arrived at the jump-off, no minute was wasted as we immediately hopped on our bike for Brgy. Bunga in Nagcarlan.  The ride of several “stop and go” took about 25 minutes while the trek to the falls was just about 2 minutes. "Stop and go" because of numerous stops to ask for direction and what was a 3 kilometers for the locals actually meant about 8-10 kilometers for us.

Bunga Falls Nagcarlan, Laguna, NAGCARLAN FALLS
Bunga Falls -- Nagcarlan, Laguna
At the jump-off, we paid a P5 entrance fee and P10 parking fee.  Then after a short walk and as we walked down, the beauty of the falls amid the green bushes slowly unwrapped before our eyes.  I also saw bamboo cottages surrounding the area which could mean a favorite cooling haven for tourist and locals alike.
The first impression was that it looked like Taytay Falls with almost the same height and width but what was uniquely Bunga is the big rock hanging at the center-top causing the water to split before it drops.  It also has a big pond where one can freely dive and swim in the cold water.  I even saw someone diving from the top of the falls which denotes that the depth of the pond is safe for diving.

Bunga Falls Nagcarlan Laguna, NAGCARLAN FALLS, falls in nagcarlan

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Travel Date: June 2012 


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