Day 0
10pm -- Traveled from Manila to Banaue via Autobus at Manila

Day 1
7am – Arrived at Banaue, had breakfast
8-12nn – Tour around Banaue proper
1-230pm – Traveled from Banaue to Batad saddle point
230-4pm – Trekked from saddle point to Batad town proper
4pm – Arrived at Batad town proper, looked for a place to stay then settled in
430-6pm – Enjoyed Batad – the amphitheatre view, danced with the local kids and looked for souvenirs to bring back home
7pm onwards – Dinner and socials

At Banaue there is a Tourist Information Center that you can ask for directions and guidance.  It is highly recommended that you inquire with them rather than negotiate directly with the locals especially when it comes to hiring transport services either to Batad or to Bontoc.  Please note that there are options available and getting a private transport should be a last resort.

Also, you can either opt to go around Banaue proper first before Batad or the other way around.  For more of Banaue-Batad places to visit and things to do, visit Banaue and Ifugao Rice Terraces and Batad Travel Guide websites.

During our visit, everything in Batad costs a penny.  So make sure to bring alternatives if you’re in a tight budget.

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Day 2
6am – Wakeup call
7am – Breakfast
8-10am – Trekked from Batad to saddle point
10am-12nn – Traveled from saddle point to Banaue proper
12nn – Lunch
1-3pm – Traveled from Batad to Bontoc
3-4pm – Traveled from Bontoc to Sagada
4pm – Arrived at Sagada, visited the information center then looked for a place to stay
430-630pm – Around Sagada
7pm onwards – Dinner and socials

Day 3
6am-7pm – Around Sagada

The travel from Banaue to Sagada is a rough and zigzagged ride and you can see that danger awaits you anytime.  I admired the drivers for the presence of mind and the patience in doing their job. On the other hand, the view is magnificent – from the mountain ranges to the falling rocks to the falls along the highway and of course to the rice terraces that you’ll see along the way.

For more of Sagada and things to do, visit Visit My Philippines website.


Day 4
4am – Wakeup call, prepared to depart for Baguio
5am-1pm – Traveled from Sagada to Baguio
1pm – Arrived at Baguio, had late lunch
2pm-7pm – Around Baguio City
7pm – Dinner
8pm-2am – Traveled from Baguio City to Manila
2am – Home sweet home

The road from Sagada to Baguio is the same as the Banaue-Sagada trip.  For dizzy-type persons, make sure to bring a throw bag as you will surely have plenty during the trip.

For more of Baguio and things to do, visit Visit My Philippines website.


some helpful maps: 
Banaue map, BANAUE – BATAD – SAGADA – BAGUIO TRIP, map banaue, batad map, map batad, banaue directions
Banaue map

Sagada map, BANAUE – BATAD – SAGADA – BAGUIO TRIP, sagada directions, map sagada, how to go to sagada, sagada attractions, sagada tour
Sagada map
Baguio City map, BANAUE – BATAD – SAGADA – BAGUIO TRIP, baguio map, map baguio, around baguio, baguio directions
Baguio City map
Travel Date: June 2003

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