This is our simple recollection of our treks, travels and trips around the Philippines and beyond. 
by: jho&luis 

Hiking is the hobby that we most enjoyed together.  It is our way of appreciating and caring for mother earth.  It was also hiking that developed our care and consciousness to the planet that we live, breath, eat and coexist with other creatures.     

Airsoft was another hobby we attempted on non-hiking weekends.  I missed my AK47 already and hoping that someday soon, we'll crack the grounds again.

Another hobby that we look forward is BIKING... Finishing 40 kms of 7-Eleven Tour 700 2012 brought another definition of personal accomplishment and a different perspective of bringing and pushing yourself to your limits.




  1. Thanks for adding me on Bloggers! Just discovered your blog and am looking forward to reading your posts about your travels in Philippines. It looks really nice and I think I will learn a lot about places I'd want to visit. You have great hobbies and I am sure you'll have plenty of interesting and exciting posts.

    My wife is a Pinay and we have an almost-9-year-old daughter. We live in the States but love going to the Philippines and want to live there in the future. We love all the off-the-beaten path and nature stuff. Please come by and check out my blog, I have a lot of posts on Philippines... both the "touristy" beaches and some posts on our treks in the rural provinces up-river on a bangka etc.

    1. I visited your blog and thank you for sharing the pride of the Philippines... As you can see, we have a lot to improve but I'm confident that in the right time we will get there... In the meantime, we can make the most and enjoy what we have especially "nature" and the simplicity of life.

  2. Hi, thanks for visiting my site. I added your blog on my blogroll, per your request. Hope you can add mine, too. Thanks...see you around. :)

    1. thank you... i will as soon as i came up with a blog roll :)

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  7. do you have fan page in facebook.? thanks.

    1. hi, we recently created a facebook page.. please like us :)


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  9. It's nice to have a travel buddy! Lucky you! Thanks for sharing your adventures.


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