TARAK RIDGE -- Mariveles, Bataan (Lost at Tarak Ridge)

Mariveles, Bataan
Jump off point: Brgy. Alas-asin, Mariveles

Tarak Ridge Mariveles Bataan, Mt. Mariveles, tarak ridge bataan, ridge in mariveles
Tarak Ridge
Day 1
730 am-10am – travel from Manila to Zambales
10am – arrived at Zambales, did marketing and registered at the Barangay hall
1030AM – Start of trek
2PM lunch on trail
3:30PM – reached Papaya river, enjoyed the river
5PM – set-up camp, prepare dinner, socials, lights off

We had a good start, with weather just right and the trail just gradual.  But as we entered the forest, it begun to rain heavily slowing our pace.  We failed to reach the Papaya river as scheduled and since assaulting at night time was risky, the group decided to camp at the river for the night.  We all agreed an early assault the following day.

Papaya River Tarak Ridge Mariveles Bataan, Tarak Ridge Mariveles Bataan, Mt. Mariveles, tarak ridge bataan, ridge in mariveles

Day 2
630am – wake up call, prepared and had breakfast
8am – start of trek to summit
9am – realized and confirmed we assaulted a different summit (the lost group)
930 am – reached the dead-end of the “lost” summit, headed back to Papaya river
1030am – regrouped with other “lost” mountaineers at Papaya river, seek direction and reassaulted the correct summit
1230pm – arrived at Tarak ridge summit, enjoyed the view and took photos
130pm – start descent to Papaya river
3pm – super late lunch at Papaya river
4pm – start descent to jump-off
6pm – arrived at jump-off, rest and clean-up
8pm – travel back to Manila

The right trail was challenging and beyond our expectation.  Our four wheel strength was put to test and true enough, it we needed plenty of energy and determination. At the peak with little time to spare, we let go of the earlier dilemna.... We managed to make the most of our shots and time...  It was still another successful climb.

Tarak Ridge Mariveles, Bataan, Mt. Mariveles
Tarak Ridge Mariveles Bataan, Mt. Mariveles, Tarak Ridge Mariveles Bataan, Mt. Mariveles, tarak ridge bataan, ridge in mariveles
The ProTrek Family

Bataan has several waterfalls as side trip after the Mt. Tarak trek.  For more information, visit the Bataan Government website.

Travel Date: September 2011


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