Davao del Sur
Entry point: Brgy. Sibulan, Sta. Cruz, Davao del Sur
Exit point: Brgy. Kapatagan, Digos, Davao del Sur

by Julius Paner, Mindanao Correspondent
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Sibulan Trail is advised for hardcore mountaineers looking for extreme and strenuous adventure. It basically ends in Colan, passing by Todaya but it gives an extra day of adventure.

Brief Points of Reference (courtesy of drunkenmaster4's article)
Sibulan River-Todaya-Colan-Tinikaran-Boulders-Summit

Sibulan Trail starts at Brgy Sibulan, Sta Cruz Davao Del Sur. To arrange your trip here, you have to secure permit at the Sta Cruz PAIC (Provincial Agri-Inductrial Center). This trail is considered as one of the most difficult or challenging trail to Mt. Apo.

Sibuyan Trail takes pride in itself as the route taken by the first conqueror of Apo, Don Joaquin Rajal as accompanied by the local Datu of Sibulan, Datu X. After registering from the entry check point at Barangay Sibulan, you will descend to the gorge to the mighty Sibulan River.  Sibulan River is actually a rapid that is why some portion on it is being promoted by Sta Cruz as a rubber tubing destination.

The difference here compared to the other usual mountaineering destination that passes river trails is that the current in this river is really strong and you have to cross it more than 15 times. It’s a dangerous task actually so it is advised to review your river crossing skills and techniques prior to your trip here as well as bringing with you ropes and trekking poles. 

Mt. Apo Trail Map, SIBULAN KAPATAGAN TRAIL, mt apo sibulan trail, mt apo davao, mt apo kapatagan trail
Mt. Apo Trail Map
After trekking the river, your will end up at Todaya village which is popular for its majestic waterfalls, the Todaya Waterfalls. The falls however is out of the way and you have to allocate an hour if you want to visit it.

You can request from the guide an IT and budget tailored fit according to your specifications.  Our Mt. Apo climb including the airfare of P2,814 costs about P7k "all in" per head for 7 persons.

Our actual Itinerary as follows:

5:30AM -- Arrived at Davao International Airport
6–7AM -- Airport to Toril (Marketing at Toril)
7–7:30AM -- Toril to Astorga, Sta. Cruz (Courtesy Log at Sta. Cruz Barangay Hall)
7:30–8:30 -- A bumpy ride from Sta. Astorga to Sibulan River Jump-Off
8:30AM -- Start of trek at Sibulan River
11AM -- Arrived at the DAM and rest
11:30AM -- Hitched from the DAM to Sitio Tudaya
12:00NN -- Arrived at Sitio Tudaya, lunch and rest
1:30PM -- Arrived at Tudaya Falls
3:30 PM -- Travel from Sitio Tudaya to Sitio Colan Jump-Off via Habalbal
4:30–5:30 PM -- Trek from Sitio Colan to Colan Holding Camp
6PM onwards -- Dinner and socials, lights off

6AM -- Wake up call, took bath and breakfast
7AM -- Start of trek
830AM -- Arrived at the mossy forest
10:30AM -- Arrived at Tinikaran Campsite 1
11:30AM -- Arrived at Tinikaran Campsite 2
1PM -- Arrived at the boulders jump-off, had lunch
1:30 – 4PM – The great sulfuric boulders trek
4PM -- Arrived at the crater
4:30PM -- Arrived at summit 2
5:30PM -- Arrived at campsite
6PM onwards -- Dinner and socials, lights off

inside the Mossy Forest -- Mt. Apo

the Mt. Apo boulders, mt apo boulders, mt apo sibulan trail, mt apo climb, mt apo summit

the Mt. Apo boulders, mt apo sibulan trail, mt apo davao, mt apo kapatagan trail

MT. APO -- Davao del Sur
The trail of Mt. Apo is sort of a combination of all trails where you can relate the mossy forest to Mt. Pulag, some portions to Tarak Ridge, Banahaw, Cristobal, Kanlaon, and more... What was unique to Mt. Apo though is the boulders trek and the sulfuric vents along the trail.  In Mt. Pinatubo the trek was beside the boulders with no sulfuric effects.
Also, a mask is highly recommended at the boulders trek.  The sulfur, even the vents, that you breath can be strong and harmful to health.  Also, there are times when the temperature at the summit campsite is like Mt. Pulag, so get prepared as well.

530AM -- Wake up call
6AM -- Breakfast then trek to summit
7AM -- Enjoyed the summit, trek back to boulders
730- 10AM -- The boulders trek, the ammonia trek
10AM - 130PM -- The mossy forest trek
2PM -- At Colan Holding Camp, rest & refresh
3:30PM -- Traveled to Kapatagan, Digos through Habalhabal
4PM -- Enjoying Kapatagan while waiting for the ride
5 - 8PM -- Traveled from Digos to Davao by bus
8PM -- Dinner at Gnoks
9PM -- Arrived at Crown Regency
9PM -- Socials, lights off

MT. APO Davao del Sur, mt apo sibulan trail, mt apo davao, mt apo kapatagan trail

the Mt. Apo summit, mt apo sibulan trail, mt apo davao, mt apo kapatagan trail
the Mt. Apo summit, mt apo climb, mt apo summit, mt apo sibulan trail, mt apo view

Mt Apo Davao del Sur, mt apo sibulan trail, mt apo davao, mt apo kapatagan trail, climbing mt apo, mt apo difficulty, mt apo climb
Mt. Apo

630AM -- Wake up call
7AM -- Buffet breakfast at The Crown
8AM-12NN -- Free time (shopping, kulitan and more)
12NN – Lunch then swimming to the max
530PM -- Check-out
7PM -- Dinner
830PM -- At the airport... back to Manila

Thanks to our Crown Regency Davao accommodation sponsor, our visit to Davao was concluded by the warm welcome and excellent service of the hotel personnel.


For other side trips, visit the Davao Tourism website.

Travel Date: June 2010 


  1. Congratulations on climbing the Philippines' highest mountain! I'm a lazy hiker; I followed 2/3 of your itinerary. I took a shortcut and started in Sitio Baruring hehehe :D

    1. ohhh.. actually, should we've known that there's a transport up to baruring, we might have opted baruring jump-off :) but anyways, we're happy naman with the super long trek...


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